Zeeland Suite Revisited

Zeeland suite revisited.

Muziekpodium Zeeland asked Jeroen van Vliet to write an updated version of the 1977 – concept of pianist  Cuypers: a tour with current top-musicians through the province of Zeeland, recording a set of music in the open air in order to release a documentary film and cd. The project, executed september 2014 was very succesful and will be performed in may and june 2015 throughout the Netherlands. for more info check www.jeroenvanvliet.com

Next year there wil be plans to play on some great festivals in Holland, Germany and Belgium. Keep you posted about more news about the zeeland suite revisited and any updates in the future.

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zeeland suite revisited



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Japan 2015 Behind the scene

1-9-2015 First Day, departure and arrival. On the first of September 2015 I started my second adventure to Japan, to record my new album with some great Japanese musicians, whom I had met on my last tour to Japan, October 2014. Japan 2015 I was dropped off by my management at Schiphol airport to go on a 10 ours and 15 minute flight to Narita, Japan. KLM made sure I could bring my saxophones as hand luggage so after putting it in a storage on board I found out that I had the ‘best’ seat, the one in front near the exit so there were no chairs in front of me and I had a window view. As I am not the best sleeper, I had decided to watch 5 movies and sit it out. While I watched some pretty bad videos my mind drifted off on things that were to become. The last couple of months I had been working hard together with my friend and piano player Jacob Bedaux. Together we arranged tunes for this album that would feature more horns on some of the tunes that I wrote. Landing in Narita, Tokyo is always a great joy, right away you feel the balance and perfection around you. After checking true the customs I waited for  my friend and  great alto player Yuichiro Tokuda, he was going to pick me up from terminal 2. Together we went by car to our first stop, to go to temple in Narita city. As we went true the rituals Yuichiro and I both felt that this project was going to be special, and were looking forward to this journey. After relaxing for a bit and walking around we went back to the car.   My first stop would not be Tokyo but Kashiwa, more up north of the Chiba prefect. There I would meet up with my basplayer, Satoshi Tokuda. He came all the way from Nagoya so he would join me at the hotel we booked there to stay for the first five days. As we were a bit to early to check in yet, Yuichiro and I went out for a coffee in Kashiwa and checked out the club where we were going to play our first show, Studio Woo.After checking in the hotel I relaxed for a bit, walked to city and waited for Satoshi to arrive. When he came we decided to go out to eat and drink to celebrate our first day in Kashiwa and the upcoming period of working hard to reach the two days of recording. After a great meal and lots of talking about music we went back to the Kashiwa Plaza Hotel were we both went to our room. While my jetlag was starting my sleep did not happen that night. Walking around in the hotel lobby with my tablet was the best option at this time. [gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”50%” ] 2-9-2015 Second day, rehearsal, food and…… food. The second day I had planned a rehearsal to check out the tunes with the whole band. Shunishi, my piano player had booked a room for us, five train stops from my hotel. Together with Satoshi we jumped the train to the practice room. The train system in Japan is very efficient and always on time! Neatly packed inside the train we headed to a different part of Kashiwa to meet up with the rest of the band. This was the only opportunity to play the songs with all band members, it was the tenor players only free day and he would meet up with us again in studio. It felt great seeing all these guys again after almost a year. After a good rehearsal of about 3 ours we left to get some food and drinks at a nearby restaurant. We stayed for about 3 ours and parted our ways. Together with Satoshi I took the train back to our hotel. Both me and Satoshi were a bit tired so we agreed to rest for a bit before we would head into town to score some ramen. I always try anything out, and Japan is a great place to eat, everything is very clean and of the highest quality. This time I tried the famous Mountain Ramen, great! After dinner we went back to the hotel to sleep and get fresh for our first concert at Studio Woo. Unfortunately again my sleep was not happening and so I spent most of the night being on skype with people from Holland. [gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”50%” ]   3-9-2015 The third day, restless and ready for studio woo I went out early this morning to get a good cup of coffee. My hotel was very close to a train station and so there I found a Starbucks coffee place. To be in Starbucks is not that special, at least in Holland. As usual I was asked if I wanted to drink my coffee at a table or if I wanted to take out. This is still very normal, but the place was very crowded so the girl that helped me looked around and found a table for me. She took a metal board saying reserved and placed it on this table. So, I had a seat, relaxed sitting and drinking my coffee was a great start of this third day. After coffee I went out to see some more of the city Kashiwa, just walking around and feeling the city, the people and the sun, it was hot! Because the club we were going to play was at walking distance, Satoshi and I decided to stay in our rooms for a bit and get ready for the gig. Around 17:00 we had to be there to do a sound check, show time would be at 19:30, a normal time in Japan to start. Studio Woo is a great jazz hall, it has a wonderful piano, great acoustic and a very friendly owner and staff. As […]

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