Joris Posthumus - Alto/soprano Sax
Matheus Nicolaiewsky - Double Bass
Sander Smeets - Drums

Their musical chemistry is undeniable, with each member complementing each other in perfect harmony. With the ability to seamlessly switch from fast-paced swing tunes to soulful ballads is a testament to their musical versatility. With virtuosic solos, tight ensemble playing, and an infectious rhythm section, the Joris Posthumus Trio is a powerhouse that brings energy and excitement to the stage.

With Sander Smeets on drums and Matheus Nicolaiewsky on double bass, the trio delves into the music of their heroes aswell as original compostitions, showcasing their deep appreciation and reverence for the genre and it's roots.

Joris Posthumus' original compositions are a testament to his dedication, showcasing his unique voice and style. The trio blends hard-hitting hardbop with intricate modal structures, resulting in an electrifying sound that will leave audiences entranced. The chordless format of the trio provides freedom, allowing for experimentation and playfulness to shine through in every performance.

The trio's energetic approach to jazz is matched only by their unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that every performance is nothing short of 100%. Whether you're a die-hard jazz aficionado or just looking for a night of fun, the Joris Posthumus Trio is a must-see.