Recording day 2, 2020 Nagoya

On the second day of recording, we began at 11:00 AM with the recording process. Although we had played most of the tunes before, this was the first time we were recording them with this particular line-up. Therefore, prior to starting the recording, we took some time to discuss the music and even did a few brief dry runs on some of the songs.
By 7:00 PM, we had successfully recorded all the tunes that I had written for this album. After a short break and waiting for all the tracks to be uploaded onto the hard drive, which I brought with me to transfer to the music pro tools session, we said goodbye to Yuki Nagae who was taking the late-night shinkansen back to Tokyo. Together with the rest of the band, we found a nearby restaurant and bar to enjoy some drinks and food. Both Gaku and Yanagi decided to drive back to Tokyo that night, a journey that would take approximately 6 hours. After bidding farewell to the band members, I retired to my hotel for the night. The following day, I would be travelling back to Tokyo via shinkansen to spend my last two days exploring the neighbourhood around Ueno station.