Recording day 1, 2020 Nagoya

The initial recording session of the day typically proved to be a chaotic affair, and this particular one was no different. Despite the commotion, we were able to commence the proceedings relatively quickly upon our arrival at the studio. The engineer and his team were already hard at work, setting up the drum kit and double bass, while the piano tuner was in the final stages of tuning the instrument. By 1 PM, we were ready to begin recording the first tune of the day.
As we embarked on the first day of recording, we were thrilled to finally have our complete ensemble with the arrival of Yuichiro Tokuda. He was only slated to join us for the first day, and the focus was on the tunes he would be performing on his sopranino and alto sax. As the day progressed, we were able to complete the recordings by 8 PM and went to a nearby izakaya for a night of food, drinks and good company. Myself, Yuki, Yanagi and Gaku, who were all staying at the hotel, joined Yuchiro for a memorable night. However, Yuchiro had to take a late-night shinkansen back to Tokyo.