Part 2 in finishing the new album

The next stepping stone to finish the new recorded music in Japan last March 2020 is on his way.

I booked a mixing slot in July at Wedgeview studio with mix master Udo Pannekeet who also worked on the first album, Tokyo’s Bad Boys. Together we will work to finish the music recorded in Nagoya together with this great group of people.


Joris Posthumus – alto/soprano sax, compositions
Yuichiro Tokuda – alto/sopranino sax
Yuuki Hirate – flugel/trumpet
Yuki Nagae – tenor sax
Shunichi Yanagi – piano
Satoshi Tokuda – double bass
Gaku Hasegawa – drums



Sound engineer Kazuya Nagae
JOYSOUND 601 studio
Recorded 5 and 6 March 2020
Nagoya, Japan

The road to this new album has been and still is an adventure. The global threat that the corona virus brought us also had its reflections on this whole endeavour and the future is still unclear but we are in good spirit and want to finish this music for you all to hear.

This whole plan to record an new album started about 2 years ago, and after some time of writing tunes, working on a period to fit all the band members within a relatively short time period was a big challenge. I must say big shout out to Brother Satoshi Tokuda who did a tremendous part of the whole organisation in Japan.

Also my warm thanks to all the people that were involved in getting this project started with funding, input and support:

Jelle and Mariette Posthumus, Jacob Bedaux, Eddy and Ella Westveer,
John Hepburn, Erik Hanegraaf, Kazuhiro Questkazu Sato,
Jeroen Berloth, Sjoerd Beunder, Paul van Dun.

Free time with friends

On 24 of February I started my trip to Japan, and after an 11 hour flight arrived at Narita Airport.
My first couple of days were spent getting used to the new time zone I was in and to meet up with friends around Tokyo. After this free time we would do 5 gigs to explore the new songs before the recording days in Nagoya. You can find more details in my blog section on my website, although it needs updating.

On day 2 of my free time I got news about the studio we booked for this recording, the corona virus made it impossible to record there and after hard work of Satoshi San we found a studio. Also, the engineer Kazuya Nagae was very committed to the whole project and would still be the main engineer/recording man for this project. At Joy 601 studio we found the room to record.