Jacob Bedaux Quartet

After searching and trying for ten years he did it! He found the perfect partners in crime for his new Quartet .

Together with Joris Posthumus (Alto and Sopranosax) he worked on some powerful compositions. They are fresh, easy to understand, energetic, lovable and sometimes really rough.
Their music is inspired by musicians like Kenny Garret but also buildings such as the great mosque Aya Sophia or just an emotion.

Genre? Modal jazz with a pinch of classical, Gregorian and even pop.
Their first record will be released 2017 and they are already working on some really exiting plans to perform abroad in countries like Brazil, Japan and China!

Piano & compositions: Jacob Bedaux
Saxes & compositions: Joris Posthumus
Double Bass: Matheus Nicolaiewsky
Drums: Sander Smeets