Japan Sixth Day

6-9-2015 The sixth day, of to Tokyo for last concert at Tagen
This morning Satoshi and I had to check out of the hotel in Kashiwa around 12:00. We had to move to Tokyo, where we were going to play the last show before heading in the studio for 2 days of recording. These last 5 days went by so fast, already this group is sounding tight and strong. There is Great Spirit among these guys and they work so hard.

11373881_401078750082065_1291655636_nAfter packing up all our stuff we started our journey to Tokyo, where I booked a hotel to stay in for the upcoming 5 days. This night we had our last show at Tagen, Ogi, Tokyo. Its owner, Kazu also is a great piano player and a super friendly guy. He also plays with Yuichiro’s band and he has a lovely place where they serve great international food and drinks.
Just under a 2 our drive we got into Tokyo, what a city! First stop was going to hotel Listel, Shinjuku area of Tokyo. This hotel would be my home for the last 5 days of my stay in Japan and its location was close to many of the hotspots around Tokyo.  We had a couple of hours before the gig at Tagen would start so Satoshi and I rested a bit in our rooms. This last show would be a long one, 3 sets!
After a little rest and changing clothes we took the car and drove to Oji station, Tokyo. Tagen was around the corner of the train station so we parked the car for a moment and took our stuff out. As we were a bit to early I walked around the station for a bit. I remembered this place from last year, when I went to Tagen for a goodbye dinner with Yuichiro and Kazu.
Just before we started the first set I got a present from Kazuhiro Questkazu Sato. I met him on my last trip to Japan and he is a drummer and big fan of jazz. He spends his free time traveling around Japan to check out jazz from all over the world and he is a big fan of the Dutch jazz scene.  The whole band got a present bag from him, so friendly.

[gdlr_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tVK7pDkF9g&feature=youtu.be” ]

This was our last show and we had the opportunity to play all the songs because we did 3 sets. It was busy, all tables we filled and we went all-in on this one. After the show I stayed for a bit to talk with my friend Kazu. Satoshi and I left and went back to the hotel. The next day would be my first free day in six days so and I was really looking forward to this.


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